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September 2020 MB Results

So in September there I worked 20 days. Again new projects have been taking up a lot of my time, which is likely to continue. But I will endeavour to keep posting my results each month and highlight anything new that I find along the way. Most of my matched betting is now centred around the weekend only, but I am also doing a few bits and pieces on weekday mornings.

I have slowed down on the Casino offers to an extent and now only picking the best ones to complete, those with a higher expected value. From working in a bookmaker’s for two years after I left university, I simply enjoy the betting side of things more.

September 2020 Matched betting results, 20 days worked, 182 bets placed, 9 casino offers completed, £723.91 matched betting profit, £54.63 casino offer profit

As you can see above, a lot fewer bets than most previous months I have posted about. Only 182 bets placed, so really not a lot of hours put in this month. £723.91 profit from matched betting, giving a profit per bet placed of £3.98. This is a fascinating stat that I am looking into more because the higher my profit per bet means I can generate more profit with less work.

As I mentioned above, on the Casino side, with less free time, I choose to focus more on the matched betting. 9 offers completed for £54.63 profit, not bad to raise the total profit a little bit.

Highlights from September

  • Again following more closely on the Outplayed forum for Odds Boosts (No Chat) section. This is great as maybe a couple of times a day there could be a little gem in there amounting to an instant profit of £5 – £12. Some members are placing big bets on some of these boosts, like £100-£250 for great profits. Still, I tend not to do these as I believe this will flag up your betting activity more to the betting company and potentially have an account restricted, which of course, you want to avoid at all costs. If you have an already restricted account and are still able to bet big, go for it!
  • In August and more so in September, I have started delving into some more complex offers. A key thing I am hunting for is horses, where I believe the odds will shorten between the time I bet and the race start time. Typically I will do these horses in the evening or in the morning time and then check through the day on the exchange to lay them when the lay odds have gone below the original bet’s price. It can be great, but it isn’t an exact science. I won’t go into more details on this one as I am still playing about with the concept but doing pretty well so far. It allows me to place fewer bets and spend less time but generates a much higher profit per bet average.
  • In terms of offers that I used a lot this month, key things were Bet365 4/1 races, William Hill £10 cash if 2nd, Unibet £20 free bet if your horse wins (or 2nd). Also, the same as last month doing a lot of boosts from the forum with Paddy Power, William Hill, and Skybet. Betfair’s usual offer of £20 to get £5 free bet streak had a couple of £20 for £20 free bet again instead, these are really nice.

Check out my review of Outplayed or to give matched betting a try head over for the free trial.

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