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October 2020 MB Results

October wasn’t too bad a month, ending up with £836.88 total profit between my matched betting and my casino offers. I got hit early in the month with my lower back giving way and spending almost a week in bed which wasn’t good! So, all in all, I only worked on 19 days, and quite a few of them didn’t put a lot of hours in, just the odd bet or boost here and there. I am still doing most of my matched betting around the weekends and working on other projects throughout the week.

I am pleased that I am keeping the monthly profit around the same with a lot less effort. To see how, if you haven’t read my September results and highlights, take a look!

Matched betting results October 2020, 19 days worked, 183 bets placed and £708 matched betting profit. 14 casino offers completed and £128.88 profit

As above, a total of £708 matched betting profit and £128.88 casino offer profit, making my total monthly profit 836.88, and I have been able to do this with just 183 bets placed all month, and 14 casino offers completed. The bets are, on average, close to 10 placed per day, but more realistic would be around 20 bets per Saturday and averaging around 6 bets a day on the other days. Hopefully, this clarifies that I really am not doing that much; I could definitely do a lot more.

A new stat I talked about in September, which I like to monitor now, is the Profit Per Bet (and I am now calling PPB). The higher this figure is, the less work you need to do to achieve your results. In October, my PPB was £3.87, compare to £0.96 in April. That means in April, I would have had to put in nearly 4 times the work to get the same profit.

October on face value looks reasonable, but it was actually quite a lot better. This is because there was not much in the way of additional ITV racing, save maybe an extra 1 time, I think during October, and there wasn’t much over the normal opportunities elsewhere. Plus, losing a whole week at the start of the month with my back and quite a few days where I did very little, the profit looks much stronger. Pretty pleased with this month!

October’s Matched Betting Highlights

  • October really was nice with odds boosts from multiple bookmakers. Don’t waste time trawling yourself; sign up to Outplayed, and the Odds Boost thread in their forum will make the subscription well worth it!
  • With Champions League matches comes Bet365 monster offer of bet £50 get £50 free in-play bet. Very simply bet and lay £50 pre-match. I would suggest picking one team to win, then you open up an early payout possibility rather than a draw or other market. Then at half time, bet and lay the closest match you can find. Depending on the score, this can be tricky, don’t expect to get your usual 80-85% free bet retention. If you get anything close to 70%, this would be decent. Aiming for £33-£36 profit with this one matched bet. A couple of these offers each month are a really nice help.
  • A good bet to profit ratio, as I talked about above, I will continue to focus on the methods that are generating more profit for less effort.

Check out my review of Outplayed or to give matched betting a try head over for the free trial.

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