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November 2020 MB Results

Just completed November 2020 and ended up with a pretty respectable £1,048.91 profit! Another month where I didn’t do a lot on the casino front. I guess I just love watching horses run from my time working in the bookies’ many moons ago. I worked quite a few days, 24 in total out of 30 but doing very little each day except Saturday or any additional days that were showing ITV racing and thus had a lot of refunds and offers available to do.

The one thing in matched betting that will slow you down, of course, is those polite emails from betting companies explaining that after a review of your account, you are no longer eligible for any promotions. You can try to contest this, but in 99% of cases, there is no chance to overturn it. Luckily there are over 70 bookmakers available to use in the UK. But losing some of the big ones that give lots of offers will definitely slow you down.

Matched betting results November 2020, 24 days worked, 223 bets placed, 14 casino offers completed, £959.72 matched betting profit and £89.19 casino profit


I worked 24 days but only placed 223 bets. This is an average of just over 9 bets a day. The overall profit of £1,048.91 was a great result for me and through November I averaged £4.30 (PPB – Profit per bet) per bet placed which is my highest this year. What this means in real terms is that I had to do very little work for the profits I made. Something which I keep mentioning in these monthly reports. Working smart is clearly the best way forward!

Again it was a low month on the casino offers. I can’t help wondering what results I could get if I hammered these offers all month. Some do amazing from these types of offers. £89.19 profit in a month is definitely a nice extra though to throw into the mix for only 14 completed offers.

Highlights from November

  • £4.30 profit for every bet placed was a fantastic result, less work more money!
  • Bet365 ITV racing 4/1 offer, month in month out a cracking earner. Another month of some nice odds boosts mostly Paddy Power, William Hill. Betway have loads of great odds boosts that are profitable, but it is hard to keep that particular account going; they are pretty fast to limit you down. Skybet odds boosts on the football (usually 3 good ones presented on Thursday for the upcoming weekend).
  • Reward clubs. The best of these is Paddy Power 5 x £10 bets within the week, and on Monday morning, you receive a £10 free bet and an odds boost each week. SkyBet and Mansionbet also have similar bet clubs.
  • Decent return from the 14 casino offers I completed, averaging £6.37 per offer.

Check out my review of Outplayed or to give matched betting a try head over for the free trial.

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