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March 2020 MB Results

To help you see the potential in Matched Betting, I will be posting my matched betting results each month for the next year. These will be a combination of Matched Betting and Casino Offers which are related in the sense that these are also offered online that we can extract profit from and often are available on the betting website’s Casino’ sections. I won’t drill down into exact bets and dates in case bookmakers see a nice opportunity to restrict some of my accounts!

In March 2020, I kicked off recording my Matched Betting results again. Before this, I had been sporadically completing some offers as and when I found them or had the time to. I started matched betting around the start of 2017. Matched betting has paid for lots of things for me, from home heating bills to holidays. One of the best ways to show you the value of doing matched betting is to give you an honest update every month of my results. I will include some highlights and the type of bets I was doing best with.

March 2020 matched betting results and profits, 13 days worked, 179 bets placed, 19 casino offers completed, £554.70 matched betting profit, £188.86 casino profit

March 2020 was a pretty good month, all in all. In the middle of it, I was making a considerable home move to a completely different area, so tied up with this, I only spent 13 days in March matched betting and doing casino offers. I was helped by the fact that this was the first time I had added casino offers, so I had many sign-up offers that I could take advantage of. Of course, as well as my move, a certain pandemic started taking a stronger grip on the world, meaning the cancellation of most sporting events and horse racing from about mid-March onwards anyway. This, of course, was to hit matched betting really hard for the next few months.

Highlights from March

  • Casino sign up offers. There were plenty to do, and whilst most were not ‘Risk-Free’ entirely, casino offers have their own calculations to understand if they are profitable or not and as long as you are only doing casino offers that are deemed profitable and keep doing them, you will make a profit when you average them out each month.
  • Cheltenham Festival. From 10th March until the 13th March, just managing to complete (and with crowds!!) as the pandemic was starting to rise in the UK. 117 of my bets were placed on only these 4 days, bringing a total profit of £325.42. Every year the Cheltenham Festival is a MATCHED BETTING BONANZA. There are stacks of offers running every day of the meeting, some really great free bets and reloads. Many matched bettors actually book this week off their main jobs as it can bring in such big profits. My Cheltenham experience this year was just ok; ideally, I aimed for around £500 and was unlucky a few more refund bets and free bets didn’t go my way.
  • Added a couple of new betting accounts with the nice sign-up offers than I hadn’t completed before; this amounted to over £100 profit in March.

Check out my review of Outplayed or to give matched betting a try head over for the free trial.

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