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Welcome to my Outplayed.com review (previously known as Profit Accumulator), which has been recently updated. After a brief summary, I will review every aspect of the site and its services. You can then make an informed choice if this is the right solution to help you get started with matched betting.

To begin with, Outplayed.com is a website specifically designed to help matched bettors find the best opportunities to make a profit quickly. The site was established in 2014 by Sam Stoffel. A few years before this, Sam had found out about matched betting and couldn’t believe that more people in the UK were not doing it. So he set about creating a platform to detail all the best available offers and creating the most useful tools in one place. He also created everything required to extract profit quickly and efficiently.

The site now boasts over 150,000 members signed up in eight years. They claim to be both the biggest and the best. Below you can read our Outplayed.com review, where we have checked out the site for you.

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The website comprises a free section, a Platinum members section, and full access via the Diamond member’s subscription. Via the members’ sections, you have full access to all the tools, forums, software, and available offers. The free section gives you access to tutorials, guides, videos, and the free trial, which will walk you step by step through two easy offers.

Once you have a Platinum or Diamond membership, you start at a central dashboard that keeps track of everything in your account. This includes things like completed offers, profit tracking, and training modules completed. It also includes quick links to all the site’s tools and other sections.

outplayed.com dashboard picture


The website comprises a full suite of tools and calculators to help you with your matched betting. Some pretty nifty software helps you find the best matches to use for your offers. There are four real timepieces of ‘catcher’ software that can be filtered to search all betting sites and exchanges. These will help you find the best bets for horse racing, sports, each-way offers and accumulator offers. All of the software is accompanied by great video guides to help you understand how to use them.

Outplayed - Matched Betting Tools (ex-ProfitAccumulator)

Another important requirement of matched betting is calculators to help work out different types of bets. With these, you simply enter the information about the bet/s, and the calculator will work out the rest for you. Since there are many different types of offers available, Outplayed.com provides calculators for all types of offers. 

These range from the most commonly used main matched betting calculator that you will use most of the time to more advanced calculators to use with each way bets, fixing bets, locking in a guaranteed profit, early payouts and much more. Most of these you will rarely use, but they are a great resource to hand as you get more experienced with matched betting.

You can check out my free Matched Betting calculator which includes fraction to decimal conversion which is super handy!

ProfitAccumulator - Matched Betting Calculators

Help for Beginners

I think Outplayed.com is fantastic for beginners. Every matched betting opportunity is easy to find and comes with a detailed guide on completing the offer. Indeed I think it is great that they don’t assume you know anything and really walk you through the process step by step for every offer. As well as that many sign-up offers also come with a video. These show you everything from signup through to completing an offer successfully.

Also, the dashboard has an obvious route for you to take, which starts at the most straightforward sign-up offers under the ‘Start Here’ quick link. This section has a few tutorials to clarify things, followed by taking you through your first few easy offers. I believe this really helps you get off and running with some idea of what you are doing.

Outplayed Review - Matched Betting Beginner's Help

Firstly, each offer is rated for difficulty and also for risk level (risk-free or not risk-free). Secondly, the offers also come with either an ‘Expected Value’ or ‘Guaranteed Profit’. Also, I love the filters on the Casino and Reload offers. For example, you can filter to only show offers which are easy to do or the ones with the highest profit.

Outplayed Review - Risk & Profit - Matched Betting


The forum is where Outplayed.com really comes alive, in my opinion. There is a huge community active here, and I always find everyone to be ready to help, answer your questions and set you on the right path. 

Additionally, there are sections for new members to engage with each other which is heavily monitored by admin to help answer questions and keep you right. Of course, there is a general section as well for your thoughts and ideas, then some more specific sections for sportsbook offers, casino offers and reload offers of all types. The categories and subcategories are self-explanatory and easy to navigate, and the forum is a real font of knowledge, hints and tips.

In conclusion, if you do go ahead and start matched betting using Outplayed.com to guide you, make use of this forum daily. In my opinion, if you get involved and interact with the community you will find the whole process much more fulfilling.

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Customer Service

Outplayed.com offers 7 days a week Customer Support. Indeed, you can reach them by phone, by email, in the forum or on Facebook, Facebook Messenger or Twitter. Occasionally when I have needed to speak with them, the response is always swift. Ollie and the other admin are always about on the forums proactively responding to questions and helping out. In my view, there is a very cheerful, good-natured attitude within the admin and the customer support team. Therefore top marks from me. This is all you need from top quality customer service, fast, friendly and efficient.


Firstly, there is a free trial that guides you through your first steps into matched betting. Then if you are convinced at that point that it is worth paying for, there are two price plans to choose from.

Platinum membership costs £29.99 a month. You can cancel anytime. Platinum Annual costs £250 a year. Over the course of 12 months, this would give you a saving of £109.88. So if you are really sold on it by the end of the trial, my advice is to just pay upfront for the year.

A new subscription has been added called Diamond Membership. Additionally, this includes special tools and information about casino offers as well. The cost of this is £49.99 a month or £297 a year (saving £149.88). This gives access to all of the content on the site.

In summary, the annual memberships represent the best value by far. Indeed, the first handful of sign-up offers would cover this cost and they can be completed in a week or two.

Outplayed.com Prices from the free trial up to diamond standard monthly and annual membership


I have personally used Outplayed.com for quite a few years now. The site is top-notch. It is clear, concise and always up to date. It has absolutely everything you need to make a good profit consistently. Some of the software they have to take the hard work out of searching for the right bets is brilliant. 

For the beginner, I doubt there could be a better place to start your journey into matched betting than Outplayed.com. There is so much help available even past the comprehensive guides and videos. The community is really a key aspect. Price-wise, I believe it is an excellent value too.  Before you finish the free trial, you will have made enough to already cover the first two months. The even better value I would suggest is to pay for the year upfront for big saving.


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Customer Service

Value For Money

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