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December 2020 MB Results

2020 was a tough year all around and in matched betting was also tough! From the middle of March and the rest of the middle of the year, opportunities really dried up. First was the suspension of football and then horse racing in the UK and Ireland.

I had a busy December and only worked 20 days on matched betting. Some days I only placed 2 or 3 bets in the morning. That said, I ended the year with a monthly profit of £799.19. My profit for the year (only from March – December) ended up at £8322.57. This was a mixture of mostly matched betting profits and some casino offers.

Given that I didn’t do matched betting in January and February I am pretty pleased with the results. There was a LOT more I could have done. Trawling all day for odds boosts and doing lots more casino offers would definitely have boosted the profits each month. Though I have been working on several projects simultaneously, I really can’t say I am full time at matched betting. If this was the only thing I did, I would hope to achieve £1500+ months quite consistently. Well, at least until too many bookmakers restrict me.

Matched betting is fantastic but eventually, no matter how careful you are, one by one you will lose accounts. But to use this as a tool to generate income for a few years, yes absolutely no problem!

Matched betting results, showing 20 days worked, 231 bets placed, 7 casino offers completed with £751.18 matched betting profit and £48.01 profit from casino offers

From 231 bets placed my average Profit Per Bet (PPB) was £3.25 which was another great result. If you have been reading through all my previous months, this is what I am aiming for, more profit from fewer bets or in other words more money from less work!

Again on casino offers, I only complete the very best offers. Since I started them in March, I get emailed fewer casino offers and those I do get emailed tend not to be as good as they used to be. This is a sign that these companies are seeing that I go in, extract profit and get out again. They then subtly reduce my opportunities.

I used to also do all the free daily casino offers. I have stopped doing them now simply down to time spent versus reward. If you do have time, it’s possible that once a week, you will hit lucky and win a decent amount. For me, it was too much time chasing that possibility.

Highlights From December

  • Bet365 £50 free in-play get if you bet £50 pre-match. A cracking offer, there were two of these offers in December and can guarantee anything up to about £35 profit each!
  • William Hill £10 cash if 2nd. Still one of the easiest nice little earners. Pick your horse at odds of 4 or higher, and if 2nd, you pocket £10 cash with no wagering requirement, minus your small qualifying loss.
  • There were quite a few ITV races televised in December. This always brings a load of horse racing offers, including the Bet365 4/1 offer up to £50, Unibet giving free bets up to £20, Paddy Power and Skybet giving great chances to work £10 free bet or cash, Virgin Bet giving free bets up to £20 for every ITV race and lots more. These days are a must for the matched bettor.
  • Bet Boosts. I have noticed that the Odds Boost section of the Outplayed forum really has taken off more recently. Members of the community are trawling through to find the very best opportunities with profit and posting them. Following this thread on the Outplayed is super profitable at the minute!

Sign up for the Outplayed Free Trial and let them help you make a profit on your first couple of sign up offers.

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