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January 2021 MB Results

Welcome to my first post of monthly results for 2021! If you haven’t been reading my earlier posts, I try to give you a feel for what I did in the previous month to achieve the profit I ended up with.

When I try to explain to them about matched betting and that they should be doing it, many seem to put up a defensive wall. They revert back to the age-old saying ‘the bookies always win’, or simply decide in their mind that if it is something to do with gambling, that implies risk and loss. This is 95% of the UK that don’t and probably will never try matched betting.

Get rich quick schemes are all around us online. Half of them are scams but you line someone else’s pockets trying to do them. Matched betting is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It WON’T LAST FOREVER; bookmakers will eventually restrict your accounts to effectively turn the tap of profits off. But as long as you have accounts good to go, you CAN make a guaranteed profit.

For students, this is absolutely perfect. Also, for mums with young babies, self-employed people who can’t work currently or just someone looking for ways to bolster their income. Betting in the UK is tax-free; therefore, matched betting in the UK is also tax-free. What I would suggest to anyone is TRY ONE OFFER, and after you end up with a profit, go on and do a second. See my Outplayed Review. These guys will help you try it out.

So on to January results. An average enough month, I ended up with £840.27 profit from 21 days worked in the month. This month I was busy on a couple of other ventures, so I only completed 237 bets in total and just 9 casino offers. You can see the breakdown below.

Matched betting profit in January 2021, 21 days worked, 237 bets placed, 9 casino offers completed, matched betting profit £742.48, casino profit £97.79, total profit of  £840.27

My profit per bet (PPB) placed averaged out at £3.13, pretty similar to December. This is a stat I have been working to improve. The higher, the better! So what was I doing in January to get this?

For anyone new to matched betting, you should be doing every sign-up offer you can find first. I completed all of these a few years ago. Therefore I focus mostly on reload offers, boosts, free bet potential and stuff like that. Below are the main offers I took advantage of in January.

Highlights from January include;

  • William Hill £10 cash if 2nd in selected races.
  • Unibet £20 if wins (or 2nd, they swap this about a bit)
  • Bet365 4/1 ITV races (just the televised 4/1 races, not the weekday standard 4/1 feature races, as these, can get your account restricted pretty fast)
  • Bet365 £50 free in-play bet on a selected football match
  • Paddy Power £10 free bet if 2nd, 3rd, or 4th and also they did a few bet £10 and will pay out as a winner if 2nd. Very simple, bet and lay your selection and hope it comes in 2nd. Then you win both in the exchange and at Paddy Power.
  • Paddy Power random boosts. These are some of the most profitable boosts of any site, and there are many of them. Quite often, Betfair will have the same boost (because they are both owned by the same company}
  • Foxy Bingo casino offers. These are almost the only casino offers I am following at the minute. Typically coming via email invite and usually wager £10 and get like 50 free spins, almost always profitable!
  • Pokerstars have stated emailing various free bet offers in the last month or two, some quite decent!

Sign up for the Outplayed Free Trial and let them help you make a profit on your first couple of sign up offers.

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