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April 2021 MB Results

April is a great month for matched bettors. Why? Because it is normally the month, the Grand National happens. If you haven’t heard of this, it is the most bet on a horse race in the world each year. Because of this, it is a fantastic opportunity for bookmakers to acquire new customers. They do this by outdoing each other with excellent offers, free bets and other types of bonuses.

Because of this, my focus was on the few days of the Grand National meeting and that is where the majority of my bets were placed. It was another great Grand National matched betting for me, on the race alone I made over £400 profit!

Matched betting results for April 2021. I made £853.05 profit from matched betting and casino offers

You can see my April 2021 results in the table above. I only worked for just over half of April. My 163 bets placed returned an average £5.01 profit per bet (PPB). This is my highest ever! This is down to some of the large single bet profits I gained on the grand national. I completed very few casino offers. I know they are profitable, but I guess I just enjoy the matched betting process better.

For more information on how to start matched betting, check out how matched betting works or start their Outplayed’s Free Trial, no strings attached.

Highlights from April

  • Bet365 Grand National offer. For the last few Grand Nationals, at least, Bet365 offer their 4/1 ITV race offer of up to £50 on all horse races at the Grand National meeting. On top of this, they offer up to £125 of each way bets on the Grand National itself, giving back the each way stake. This is worth £125 minus a small qualifying loss. If you do it correctly it can be around £75 profit or more is guaranteed if done correctly. There are other ways to complete this offer that bring some additional risk but can bring a LOT more profit!
  • William Hill Money back if 2nd offer, Paddy Power money back as a free bet if 2nd, 3rd or 4th, and other reload offers were great for me this month!
  • Odds boosts. Find them yourself, or simply take them from the Outplayed odds boost section of the forum. A lot is small, but they REALLY add up over the month.
  • I also got Some random free bets from multiple bookmakers for the Grand National race.
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