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Does Matched Betting still work in 2023?

So it’s 2022 now and the pandemic is hopefully heading ticking down! I wanted to post some information about whether Matched betting is still a thing in 2022. Is it still available? Is it profitable anymore? Let’s take a look at the matched betting scene in the UK in 2022.

Firstly does it still exist? The good news is that the answer is yes you can still do matched betting in the UK in 2022. Many communities of matched bettors including the community at Outplayed are still going strong and there are still lots of opportunities to take advantage of.

Is it now as good as previous years? I would have to say not quite. There are fewer opportunities as bookmakers are tightening up their odds and offers to ensure people matched betting can’t take as much value as before. However, there are new bookmakers opening online with new offers. Also the vast majority of bookmakers still offer great sign up offers.

The Cheltenham horse racing festival is still a massive money-making opportunity for matched bettors. In 2022 this will take place from Tuesday 15th March until Friday 18th March. Bookmakers will once again shower us with free bets and other offers that you can take advantage of. More experienced matched bettors will be looking for £1k+ profit. Even beginners should be able to easily reach a few hundred pounds by picking through the offers each day.

So if you see some of these videos saying matched betting is dead now, it’s simply not the case. It is still possible to make around £750 profit just from completing easy sign up offers following guides. After that, you can go on to make thousands from reload offers. Then turning your hand to profitable casino offers you can add thousands more in profit!


As long as there is strong competition in the UK bookmakers space for new customers, I can’t see any significant change to the current status. But the time when William Hill representatives would laugh off matched betting on record is long gone. People who matched bet win. They target value and extract. Bookmakers always like value to sit on their side, but forsake value to entice new customers and keep existing ones.

So it is all good news if you are thinking about starting Matched Betting! For more information on how to start matched betting, check out how matched betting works or start Outplayed’s Free Trial, no strings attached.

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