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Matched Betting In 2023

In this blog post, I will take a look at what is new in 2023 with matched betting. There are plenty of YouTube videos going around with the theme is matched betting still worth it in 2023? I can tell you there are many thousands of people in the UK still making big monthly profits.

Is it as easy as it was in 2010? No. Are there as many opportunities? No. UK bookmakers don’t like people who mathematically go after value only. Their business model is to control value and ensure that the vast majority of it sits with them. This guarantees them profit, not the normal punter.

So what is new in 2023?

Bet365 has started offering daily boosts in almost all sports. In fact, hundreds of these are being offered each day. Why are these good? Well, some of these boosts are higher odds than the lay price in the exchanges. This means that you can bet and lay these boosts before the event and guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome.

Betfair has started doing £10 free bets if your selection of a horse is not placed. This is coming up once or twice a week. Picking an outsider which is a close odds match with the lay odds in the exchange and more often than not you should be picking up a £10 free bet for around £8 profit.

Lots more bookmakers are now pushing bet builders under various names. This type of bet is multiple selections on a single event. For example, Leeds United to win 2-0 and to have more than 10 corners. Why do they want punters to do these? Well, multiple selection bets give the bookmakers the opportunity to factor in more value on their side making this extremely profitable for them. The good news for match bettors is that to promote these many bookmakers are offering free bets and other incentives to do them. Even with multiple selections, it is possible to lay these bets and pick up more free bets and therefore more profit!

888Sport is offering £20 free bets for 2nd place horses in selected races. Also, Grosvenor has been offering £20 cash for 2nd place in certain races. These are nice offers. Just find a close odds match on one of the favorites and hope it sails in 2nd for a free bet or cash refund.

In 2023 some bookmakers have either closed down or left the UK market. Of note, MansionBet ended UK Sportsbook operations. As always new bookmakers keep popping up into the space giving more opportunities to hunt down free bets and offers.

So it is all good news if you are thinking about starting Matched Betting! For more information on how to start matched betting, check out how matched betting works or start Outplayed’s Free Trial, no strings attached.

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