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Should I Mug Bet?

There has always been a strong suggestion to mug bets to keep accounts healthy and avoid gubbings. Most top websites that help matched betters would suggest this as their default line. There is, however, a growing number of matched betters on forums who would say don’t mug bet as it’s a waste of time. They suggest as their evidence having had some accounts stay healthy for many years without ever mug betting. They say friends have lost those same bookmakers whilst mug betting often in a shorter time. This in itself is reasonable evidence, but I don’t believe it is the whole picture.

Would a genuine punter profile simply ONLY and ALWAYS follow offers? Well, maybe, but it is doubtful. Say, for example, you love a horse that has won for you a few times. You see it is running again. Will the normal punter follow it, whether there are any offers or free bets available? Quite likely, yes. If we conclude that normal people would do more with a betting site than 100% offers, then there has to be a place for mug betting to give the appearance of being a normal gambler and keep you off the betting company’s radar.

To what extent do you need to mug bet is the burning question. My personal opinion is that it really depends on the bookmaker. Some might not even check what % of your bets are on offers and what % aren’t. Some others might check but don’t even care. Bookmakers like Betway, Boylesports and Virginbet will gub you VERY fast if you simply open an account and start to do some offers. One member of a forum was restricted within 3 days, others within a couple of weeks.

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