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June 2020 MB Results

So glorious June arrived! Coronavirus cases were on the decline from the 1st wave, and horse racing in the UK was one of the first sports to be allowed to resume. Newcastle hosted the first meeting behind closed doors, and with this resumption on the 1st of June came flooding back all the matched betting offers again! On top of this UK, football resumed on the 17th of June, making June an amazing opportunity for matched bettors once again.

The resumption, after so much time lost, came with a knock-on effect. Horse racing rescheduled some of it’s biggest meetings that had been postponed. These meeting meetings are generally televised and so bring a lot more matched betting opportunities. With football, many matches were crammed into a concise space of time, again providing a lot more offers. The bookmakers also took this opportunity to give out more offers than usual to get their customers back and attract new ones, bonanza time for matched bettors!

June 2020 matched betting results and profits, 27 days worked, 563 bets placed, 76 casino offers completed, matched betting profit £1,010,04, casino offer profit £475.83


With all the opportunities available, I went for it both with the matched betting and casino offers. As you can see, above June was a smashing month!! Matched betting profit came in at £1,010 from 563 bets placed, whilst casino offer profit was £475 from 76 completed offers. A fantastic result at just short of £1,500 profit for the month. Trust me when I tell you that there was a lot more I could have done. There are more advanced options within matched betting, more complex and some time-consuming. But there are a lot more lucrative things you can do.

This, however, is just a look at my journey, and I hope to outline how worthwhile this can be for you. When I went to university many years ago, this extra money would have been life-changing for me at the time. Indeed I would strongly suggest any students reading this take the plunge RIGHT AWAY. I talk to students who make £2k+ a month right now by doing this between their studies.

Highlights For June

  • Matched betting opportunities resume! Too many to really mention them all. I currently have around 50 different UK bookmakers, and a lot of these started throwing out offers. Key offers returning included Free bets and risk-free bets returning for the ITV horse racing. These races always bring a load more offers than usual. Bet365 4/1 offer gives you a chance at up to £50 risk-free bet each race, and if you keep getting winners, you keep getting more risk-free bets. But also, Unibet were offering a lot of £20 free bets for winners, William Hill offering their usual £10 cash for 2nd places. Blacktype and Jennings Bet for a while were offering free bets for winners as well.
  • Casino offers. An excellent month of good fortune in the casino offers. 76 completed for nearly £500 of profit. As I have mentioned in previous posts, casino offers are great. You just need to do the right ones that give a positive ‘Expected Value’ or EV. Then just keep churning them out. Sure, you might lose in 4 offers in a row, but then the fifth offer you could end up +£100. As you watch your profits, you will see that your EV and actual profit will pretty much add up over time.

Check out my review of Outplayed or to give matched betting a try head over for the free trial.

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