Is Matched Betting Legal?

Below are three stories that have appeared in The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph. I have provided a summary below and also the links to the original stories on those newspapers’ websites. They all describe matched betting, talk a little bit about the process and have related success stories.

The Guardian wrote a piece about how to do matched betting on the 5th June 2010 in their money section. They followed this up with a story about one man who succeeded in following their advice (24th July 2010). Jason Shearer followed the Guardian’s advice and made £770 profit, stating that it was even easier than they had suggested. In the story, he explains some of the matching betting processes and his success with them.

Link to Guardian original story

Link to Guardian follow up piece

On the 3rd December 2019, the Daily Mail published a piece about a 27-year-old student nurse called Charlene Harris. She made £30,000 profit in three years after spending around four hours a week matched betting. In the story, the Daily Mail called matched betting a ‘tax-free side hustle’. They went on to say Ms Harris started using matched betting site Outplayed to guide her through the process.

Link to the full story

The Telegraph ran a story by Adam Goot on the 20th August 2019 titled “‘Risk-free profits’: how millennials are using matched betting to top up their income”. They go on to explain, ‘Experts have confirmed it is perfectly legal, and although bookies know the practice occurs, they make no attempt to stop it. Gambling firms still make a commission on winnings and hope to attract a different type of customer who might not normally visit their websites’.

Link to full story


In summary, matched betting is completely legal. It is also 100% tax-free because in the UK you don’t pay any tax on winnings from betting websites or exchange websites. The worst that can happen to you is bookmakers sending you a polite email telling you that you can no longer receive any free bets or promotions. That’s it. Already, tens of thousands of people in the UK do this, don’t miss out!

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