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Bet365 4/1 Races

Bet365 have one of the best reload offers you can do. It is crucial to make a distinction, though, as they have two similar offers running. 

Featured 4/1 Offer Races’ are all races where Bet365 offer this that are NOT live on ITV. The ‘ITV 4/1 Featured Races’ are all races where Bet365 offer this that ARE on ITV.

Typically, this is every Saturday afternoon and other days which ITV are hosting a special show for a big meeting, like Cheltenham in March, for example. The concept is the same for both; Bet up to £50 on a horse at odds of 5.0 or higher, and if your horse wins, you will get a risk-free bet in the next feature race of the same value. So, if you place a £25 bet and win, you will get a risk-free £25 bet in the next race, or £50 risk-free if you bet £50 and win etc.

Obviously, as a matched bettor, you will bet and lay the selection for a small qualifying loss-making sure the odds are close. Then you just need to hope to get a winner to get the risk-free bet.

You must place the risk-free bet on the very next Feature race. If you don’t, you will lose it. You can go on a streak of winners and keep getting risk-free bets until you lose.

Important Note

If you win one of these and need to place another one the next day as it is the last race of the day, make sure it is the exact same offer. For example, you win a £50 bet on the last ‘Featured 4/1 Offer Race’ on Friday, you don’t place the £50 risk-free bet on the first race on Saturday as this would be an ‘ITV 4/1 Featured Race’ and not a ‘Feature 4/1 Offer Race’. You would need to wait until the first ‘Feature 4/1 Offer Race’ on Sunday to place this. Just the same as if you win the last ITV 4/1 Race, you need to wait until the next ITV 4/1 Race to place your risk-free bet.

There is a second way to complete these to make a smaller but guaranteed profit on each race. It is a little more complicated so that I won’t go into the full detail here. Paid members with Outplayed can view guides on exactly how to do this.

For much more detailed guidance on this and many other offers please try out Outplayed.

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Bet365 4/1 ITV racing offer, bet up to £50 and if your horse win, get a risk free bet in the next race
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